Hiring the right people is essential for any business be it a small family run business or a multi-national corporation.

At CLS Recruitment, our team of highly specialised consultants use their industry knowledge and years of experience to help you find that vital member of staff for the job.

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  • Is weekly/monthly payroll affecting the cash flow of your business?
  • Is the cost of PAYE / PRSI / Holiday Pay / Sick Pay / Bank Holidays / Redundancies / Pension / Payroll Administration a drain on your Company’s resources?


CLS Recruitment is a one stop recruitment agency for employers throughout Ireland.

Whether you need a temp for a day or a Managing Director to oversee your business, we will find the best candidate for your company in a cost effective manner.

Safe Pass Trainers around Midlands area

The main advantages of outsourcing your Payroll to CLS Recruitment are:

  • No Redundancy payments to pay
  • No administration cost of payroll/ PAYE/PRSI
  • No recruitment/advertising costs
  • No disputes with employees i.e Unfair Dismissal actions etc
  • Ability to both hire and off-hire staff at 1 hours’ notice throughout the country
  • No PRSI to pay: 10.75% of total pay
  • No holiday pay to pay: 8% of total pay
  • No Pension to pay: 3% to 10% of total pay
  • No Bank holidays to pay
  • No Sick Leave to pay

CLS Recruitment can provide operatives/staff during busy periods of the year or when you have shortfalls with your own staff i.e when your staff are on sick leave or holidays.

If the answer is YES to any of the above questions why not consider outsourcing your existing payroll and future recruitment to CLS Recruitment.

To discuss either of the above please contact our Commercial Director Paul Vaughan on 087 052 5107 or email him at paul.vaughan@clsrecruitment.ie.

If you are located in the Munster or South-Leinster area please contact our Sales Representative Paddy Murphy on 087 344 9950 or email adrian@clsrecruitment.ie.