At CLS Recruitment we do more than just recruit, we want you to be the best candidate you can be!

That’s why, where possible, we have a team of recruiters present at most large job fairs and recruitment fairs around the country to afford you the opportunity to get first hand advice on how to improve your CV, your cover letter and any interview techniques you feel you need assistance with.

We encourage all job seekers to explore our site for free job seeking advice, interview preparation guides and CV tips. Not only do we serve our clients, but also our candidates.

We are committed to assisting job seekers with each phase of their job hunt. For announcements of where our next workshop will be, make sure to like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter. To give you an idea of what a CV or cover letter should look like, download the word documents below.

CV & Interview prep workshops
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The best advice that is timeless and appropriate for job hunting in any industry is to show the employer how you can add value. Your qualifications and job history are all essential to making yourself an appropriate ‘candidate’, but to make yourself an ‘employee’ you need to convince the employer that their future is better with you than it would be without you!

Remember that practice makes perfect when drafting your CV and never call any CV a finished product. A successful job hunter will a CV that is constantly under review and is being changed day after day to be tailored for each job applied for.

This goes for interviews also. Research the company you are interviewing for and anticipate the types of questions they are likely to ask, then practice your answers.

Keep an eye on our Blog for regular posts giving advice on CV’s, cover letters, interviews and other aspects of the job hunting process which you may find helpful. With slight improvements in the job market, it is vital that your first step is the right one.